Newcomer Welcome Center - Online Student Registration

Application Pre-check:

Was your child born in Canada?
Is English your child's first language?
Are you a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident?
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Application Checklist:

Proof of Residence in the City of Vancouver [please submit one of the following]
  • A current property tax statement or purchased agreement [with subject removal and deposit receipt], AND a recent bill.
  • A current long‐term rental or lease agreement. If NOT CURRENT, please submit additional current bills, AND a recent bill.

Note: Schools experiencing enrollment pressure will request additional identification as proof of residency.

Child’s Birth Certificate and English translated version [ideally showing parents’ names]
Proof of Status in Canada [please submit the following for both parents and child]
  • Permanent Residence Card or the Confirmation of Permanent Residence document and passport.
  • Work Permit and Passport‐‐with parent's [minimum of one year] current full-time employment letter.
  • Study Permit [a minimum of one year meeting specific criteria] and Passport‐‐with parent's program admission letter and payment receipt.
  • Refugee Claimant Document.
  • Diplomatic Card or Passport.
  • Canadian Passport or Citizenship Card or Birth Certificate.
  • Status Identification Card.
Child’s School Report Cards [in English]
  • Elementary ‐ most recent year of report card (except for K students).
  • Secondary ‐ All report cards from Grade 7 [age 13 to present].
  • Any Individual Education Plan [IEP], Psycho‐Education Reports, or Medical Report.
Immunization Records [if available, no need to translate] and any other health information [e.g. medical alerts, in English].
Other relevant documentation involving Guardianship: a Court Order [Divorce/Separation] or a Parent Consent Letter.

Before you begin the registration process, please ensure that:

  1. You and your child are currently physically living in the city of Vancouver and you have proof of residence that demonstrates that you have settled here.
  2. You are prepared to upload good quality required supporting documents in PDF format. Missing required documents will delay the registration process. Registrations must be completed before placement. Please click here for detailed information regarding the documents you will need to upload.
Important Notice:
  • For assistance in other languages, please click here and here.
  • For detailed information regarding how to determine if your child qualifies for publicly funded education, please click here.
Please note, our registration process can take around 30 - 40 minutes to complete